Wood Venetian Blinds

Its unique qualities are difficult to beat: Basswood is a hardwood which makes it incredibly tough and able to withstand life’s wear and tear; it has less of a tendency to bow than other woods, so it’s highly stable; wood is a natural insulator so Basswood blinds offer excellent energy efficiency; it’s relatively light weight; accepts all stains; and creates a natural atmosphere of warmth in the right setting. 

Do note that Basswood is sensitive to environmental factors such as direct sunlight and humidity, so is best used for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and office spaces.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

The unsung hero of the blind world is the aluminium venetian. They’ve been around a long time, for good reason. Aluminium venetians are light, durable, easy to maintain and most importantly, they give you unrivalled control over light filtration and privacy.All you have to do is tilt the blades to the angle you want. They’re also simple and chic without being trendy. In other words, they won’t date. With 25mm /50mm wide blades, aluminium venetians are a subtle, stylish addition to any room, especially where space is at a premium.

Roller Blinds

We offer a variety of high quality, customisable roller blinds. Perhaps the most versatile window dressing of all, this sleek, streamlined blind is an excellent option for anyone who wants to achieve an elegant, understated look. While it can give windows a modern and uncluttered appearance on its own, it can look equally good when dressed up with other window furnishings, such as curtains.

Roman Blinds

Characterised by their delicate, soft folds, roman blinds will give your windows a stylish makeover. Highly versatile, these traditional window treatments can bring a sense of timeless appeal to almost any space in your home. Whether you're looking to breathe new life into your living room or create more privacy in your bedroom, we have a range of roman blinds for sale online in different fabrics to suit your every need. Combining function with style, roman blinds are highly practical without sacrificing on beauty. Not only can they help to regulate the temperature of rooms, they can also allow you to easily adjust how much light you let in at any given time. Simply adjust the cord to change the level of light filtration. With a curtain-like appearance, they also have the added appeal of being able to soften the look and feel of spaces while adding instant warmth.

Vertical Blinds

With venetian blinds gaining popularity, the vertical blinds tend to be overlooked. However these blinds are massively beneficial in many ways and may just be the perfect match for your specific window spaces. If you are not convinced yet, read on! The norm nowadays seems to be venetian blinds. This is why when you have vertical blinds in your home or office people are kind of taken aback by the different look. They create a focal point without trying too hard just because they are slightly different. Because of their vertical inclination, they also often assist in making a space look higher and more spacious. It’s a trick that the long lines play on the eye.