All our work is covered by a 2 year installation warranty with an trims having a 6 month warranty. Along with our workmanship all our products are sold within set manufactures warranties with they carry. In the event any problems arise we will help facilitate all claims through the supplier to make it a fair and painless exercise.

Here are a few pointer to help you floors last:

▪ To prevent uv damage please make sure in high sunlight areas have uv films on windows or quality curtains to block out harsh sun rays.

▪ Do over water/clean floors when cleaning them, this reduces the life span of the flooring.

▪ Water damage and object chipping the flooring by dropping on the flooring isn't covered in the warranty. Scratches/ marks can be fixed up fairly easily.

▪ Make sure your subfloor is properly prep, any undulations give your new floor a spongy feel, which results in broken panels later on.

▪ Make sure the fitter must adequate expansion in the floor to prevent the flooring buckling in weather changes.

▪ If you notice a problem with the flooring get a consultant out right away before the problem becomes worse.