Quality means doing it right when nobody is looking


Quality means doing it right when nobody is looking

High quality blinds are perfect for South African conditions. They are designed to optimize light, manage privacy and improve warmth control. Achieve stunning results that will withstand time, meet trends and place the finishing touches to the look and feel of your home.

Timber-style venetian blinds are a classic. They bring the look of nature indoors and allow you to control the light with tilting slats and easy to use deluxe controls. You can go modern and contemporary by choosing one of our painted varieties in something like a bright white or a sophisticated grey, or opt for something a little more established with one of our wood stained shades. Painted or stained are a strong and classic choice. If your budget does not allow for wood, our collection of faux wood blinds, made from advanced polymer and designed not to warp, crack or peel, even in the South African sun, would be a good option.

Our roller blind collection is packed with textures, colours, designs and materials to make your house feel like a home. From plain shades to funky florals and bright white to vibrant hues there is something in our collection that will suit your surroundings down to the ground. 

Blockout roller blinds stop the sun and keep the glare at bay. Put them in your bedroom for a perfect night’s sleep or anywhere else where the sun gets too much. They can withstand the harshest environments with ease while also brightening up your day. If you are after a view, you need our Sunscreens, enjoy Vision blinds will protect your privacy while still allowing you to see outside.

Aluminium venetian blinds are a smart and modern choice and our collection comes in a variety of colours ranging from the whitest of whites to vibrant shades. Aluminium (25mm wide) is a light yet hard wearing material that will not rust making it an acceptable option in your kitchen or bathroom. You can control the light easily with just the twist of a wand and let the sunshine filter in.

We offer a gorgeous collection of larger slat sizes (50mm wide) to allow even more light to flood through.

Sometimes you need more from your blind. When one blind is not enough, try one of our double roller blinds and get more of what you need. Double roller blinds are a combination of stylish blockout roller fabrics in a collection of colours, textures and designs. They keep the sun at bay and ensure complete privacy at all times. They are made from polyester so they wipe clean easily and can handle a bit of kitchen or bathroom moisture.

On the back, you have SunScreen blinds. This voile fabric has amazing magical properties. First, it cuts the glare while still allowing sunlight to gently permeate your home, bathing it in a lovely glow. It also serves to give you a view to the outside so you can enjoy your garden or the world around you. Not only that, when you look through from the outside it blocks your view, allowing you complete privacy. All of this in one, easy to install mechanism. How clever!

Our honeycomb blinds are more than just stylish and contemporary; they are also exceptionally hard working, with their mission to make your home as comfortable as possible. Those fashionable honeycomb pleats are designed to trap the air inside to create a thermal barrier at your window. The fact that they also look great is an added bonus. In our varied collection of modern tones we have two types of pleated blinds for you to choose from.

Our DuoLight collection are light-filtering blinds which will keep you cool in the summer months and take the edge off during winter, all while allowing a soft wash of light to gently filter through, keeping your home light and airy. Our DuoShade blinds are even harder working, making them our ultimate energy saver. Each pocket is lined with aluminium strips to reflect even more heat and provide you with total blockout protection.

Sometimes we have different needs at different times of the day. We might want to let a lot of lovely sunlight in during the day while at night we might want to protect our privacy. Our Day & Night blind collection lets you do just that. Our blinds are made up of a double layer of fabric and alternating sheer and opaque strips. You can line them up any way you choose to let light in or block it out completely. You could also opt for our double roller blinds. Two blinds with one easy mechanism combines blockout fabrics with SunScreen sheers for tons of choice.

Adding plantation shutters to your surroundings is certain to transform your home, and it is much easier than you could ever imagine. We have a collection of aluminium and style shutters made from hi-tech advanced materials that are designed to never warp, crack or peel making it the perfect choice for a kitchen, a bathroom or any other room. They can be powder coated to suit your interior and once you have picked your style, there are a range of options that let you customise your panels, control bars and openings so you get exactly what you want. These also add a secondary level of security to your home against intruders.

With our clever collections of outdoor drop blinds, awnings, fall arms and pergolas you can easily find the perfect solution.

Windproof, weatherproof and made from robust components, these outdoor solutions are durable and sturdy, no matter the weather. They are built for South African life and made to measure for your home.



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