Quality means doing it right when nobody is looking


Quality means doing it right when nobody is looking

Engineered timber floors are made with a layer of real timber, on top of multiple sturdy backing layers. Our bamboo floors are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Hardwood floors have many benefits to offer. Hardwood flooring products are a long-lasting option that can add value to your home. Hardwood floors offer a warm, classic look to any room and are available in a variety of colours and species. Hardwood floors are easy to clean and care for and can often be repaired and refinished (sanded and sealed), even after years of wear and tear. Finally, wood floors are a sustainable choice. Wood is a renewable resource and modern wood harvesting practices allow for an eco-friendly option for homeowners.

Engineered timber floors are made with a layer of real timber on top of multiple sturdy birch backing layers. Our bamboo floors are engineered as well and are an environmentally friendly and sustainable option.

Bamboo not only looks good, with its long and wide boards, but it’s extremely strong and durable too. Incredibly stable and resistant to indentation and insects, Bamboo is even easy to clean and maintain and can be sanded and re-finished in years to come… just like a timber floor.

It also features the world’s best joining system Uniclic, ensuring a quick, easy and versatile installation of your floor. But perhaps the most impressive feature of this natural material is that it’s sourced from dedicated plantations which are regrown in 5 to 6 year cycles.

Timber flooring are often a fantastic low maintenance choice. With these simple guidelines, you can expect your floor to look it’s best for years to come. The three golden rules for cleaning laminate flooring are:

  • Use a dedicated laminate cleaning kit. A mop with a washable microfibre mop head and a high-quality cleaning product will ensure you won’t leave any cleaning residue on your fresh, clean floors.
  • Avoid using too much water when cleaning up spills – you’ll get best results with a microfibre mop head or a damp cloth.

To keep your timber floors in shape for years to come:

  • Similarly with laminate flooring, use a dedicate timber cleaning kit and a mop with a microfibre head to avoid using too much water on the planks.
  • A regular treatment with oil will stop your floor from looking dry and dull, and it brings out the natural beauty of the timber.


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