Always low prices and perfect quality


Always low prices and perfect quality

Vinyl is a specific type of plastic. Vinyl flooring is a product made by layering different materials. The most common type of vinyl floor consists of four layers: a felt, fiberglass or vinyl backing; a core layer; a decorative layer with the flooring pattern; and a final “wear layer” on top that protects the flooring from scratches and scuffs.

Vinyl flooring can be installed in any room in the house, including rooms at, above or below grade (ground level). It can also be installed over almost any type of subfloor such as concrete or wood, as long as the subfloor is smooth and level. Imperfections in the subfloor may show through the vinyl, so we recommend using a self-levelling screed to smooth out a cement subfloor.


SPC vinyl is becoming one of the most popular floors to install for a variety of reasons. If you are a homeowner, property manager or business owner, SPC vinyl flooring may be a great option for your next project! It is 100% waterproof, which means it can be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and restaurants without worry! With the stone construction, an SPC vinyl core is more stable in environments with temperature changes, such as cabins, homes with AC units and homes with humidity fluctuations.

SPC vinyl flooring is a click-lock installation system. It is installed similarly to a regular vinyl and laminate with a tongue and groove installation. No glues or extra tools are required! SPC vinyl flooring feels more sturdy and cushioned under foot than a traditional vinyl due to the dense core and thickness of the plank. A thicker plank will give you more comfort. Also, some SPC vinyls will have attached underlayment that adds to the softness under foot. If it does not have attached underlayment, you can opt for an LVT specific underlayment to install over the subfloor.


While both vinyl and linoleum are resilient flooring, they are not the same. They are actually manufactured from completely different materials with vinyl flooring consisting of vinyl, felt and fiberglass, while linoleum is made from natural materials such as linseed oil, tree resin, cork dust and wood flour. Linoleum only comes in a sheet form.

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