Quality means doing it right when nobody is looking

Flooring Installation

Quality means doing it right when nobody is looking

The value of professional flooring installation

After you’ve taken the time and effort to choose the perfect floor covering, the next feasible step is a professional flooring installation to complete the perfect flooring project. Some homeowners attempt to bypass this incredibly important service in order to save on the overall flooring budget, but we advise against it. A professional installation offers so much more than face value, even extending to the life of your floors, and should never be dismissed. We want to talk a bit more about that now.

Urban Flooring offers some of the highest quality floor coverings currently on the market. We don’t seek to just sell you flooring but to provide an overall project that creates the floors you’ve always dreamed of and installation is part of the art of an excellent floor. From our Montague Gardens showroom, we serve the areas of Cape Town. Stop by at your convenience to discuss the array of floor coverings, related products, and professional services that can take your flooring to the next level.

Flooring installation that keeps on giving

Many of today’s floor coverings require specialized tools for the perfect installation. Cutting, molding, spacing, and finishing these products can also take a great deal of experience. With all that can go wrong, the bottom line is that it makes more sense to procure a professional team of installers instead of risking the overages in your budget that are likely to occur if you attempt this project on your own.

Professional installation also ensures that your flooring will not suffer from a voided warranty if at some point a problem occurs. That problem could have no relation to the DIY installation you attempted, but the fact that you installed the flooring yourself, to many manufacturers, causes them to refuse to honor their warranty.

What’s more, you’ve already spent countless hours, days, weeks, or more, researching and shopping for the perfect floor covering. For installation purposes, you should be able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor, as professionals take care of that final step.

With our experts teams on the job, you can also look forward to ongoing support for any aftercare that may be necessary as your floors age. From professional cleaFning to damage repair, and more, we will always be available should you need an extra hand in caring for your floors.



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