Quality means doing it right when nobody is looking


Quality means doing it right when nobody is looking


(These are guideline set out by 3 suppliers as every suppler differs slightly)


Egger laminate flooring gives you security over many years. Egger provides you with a guarantee from date of purchase.

Threefold Security:
  • Hygienic – Easy to clean and maintain
  • Shock-resistant – is resistant to a lot of stress Long-lasting – beautiful decor surfaces and edges for many years due to the extremely hard surface We ensure this with our abrasion guarantee. That even includes the edges.


The EGGER guarantee applies basically to the domestic and commercial areas. Please note the separate maximum guarantee period of 5 years for commercial areas.
EGGER laminate floorings must have been used as intended and according to the instructions for care. They should not be subjected to unusual wear and/or inappropriate treatment, for example through mechanical damages which are no longer considered as customary use and/or through improper cleaning.

The guarantee is not transferable and only the original purchaser is entitled to it.
EGGER laminate floorings must have been installed in rooms that are suitable for the product. The installation must have been carried out in accordance with the presently valid installation instructions and according to the generally acknowledged rules for the installation of laminate floorings.
Abrasion is understood to be the complete removal of the decor layer in at least one place, which must be clearly visible and must have a surface area size of at least 1cm2.
Damages due to falling household objects are defined as being cracks on the surface of the laminate flooring and/or chips on the surface. Insignificant marks without crack or chips on the surface do not represent damage to the laminate flooring. Damages that are caused by sharp or sharp-edged objects are excluded from the guarantee. The height of fall of the objects may not exceed 150cm. The objects should not have a weight exceeding 1kg.

What is the extent of the guarantee you receive from the company EGGER?

After acknowledgment of the guarantee claim, EGGER will supply a direct laminate panel replacement to the customer from the currently applicable range of the company EGGER. The material will be delivered free of charge to the point of sale. Incidental installation expenses, including the reinstallation are not carried by EGGER and are also not a constituent of the guarantee. With respect to the usage of the material that has already taken place, in the sense of a ”new for old” deduction, the following percentage values of the new price will be deducted per commenced year of the guarantee period:

– Entry products (6 mm independent of the class of use) → 12.5 % – class 31 7mm Entry products & 7mm DPR® → 7%,
– class 31 → 6 %,
– class 32 → 4.5 %,

– class 33 → 3.5 %,
– and in products of classes 31, 32, 33, installed in commercial areas → 15.0 %

How do I assert my guarantee claim?  After noticing a damage or a guarantee case, the purchaser should immediately contact his/her authorised dealer and/or the company EGGER under submittal of the fully completed guarantee card and the original sales receipt.

After the reporting of guarantee claims, the company EGGER reserves the right to inspect the laminate flooring at the installation location and to verify the eligibility of the guarantee claim with respect to the cause, as well as also with respect to the extent of the claim.


deZign Floor LVT warranty
  • Product; 0.55mm wear layer 20 years residential
  • Product; 0.3mm wear layer 15 years residential

15 years commercial
10 year moderate commercial

For commercial warranty, please check on use and application deZign Floor LVT must be installed according to manufacturer’s specifications for the warranty to be valid.

Warranty includes
  •  The floor will be free from manufacturing defects.
  •  Wear warranty, the floor will not wear through or permanently stain from normal day today household conditions when it is installed and maintained according to instructions as set out by the manufacturer.

Warranty Limitations & conditions

  •  The warranty does not cover damage due to improper installation, maintenance, burns, tears, indentations, stains, reduction in gloss level due to normal wear and tear or any exterior factors (like moisture, improper subfloor etc.)
  • Panels with visible defects must not be installed.
  • The warranty covers the replacement of the affected SPC planks only.
  • The warranty does not include the replacement of a complete floor. The warranty doesnot cover labour costs, loss of time, incidental or consequential damages or expenses orany other damage caused from the faulty floor.
  • If the product or décor are no longer available, a similar décor in an equivalent range willbe made available. The factory does not guarantee the availability of a range or décorfor the lifetime of the warranty.
  • Warranties are instituted on a sliding scale ratio, depending on the time elapsed from thedate of purchase.
  • Problems experienced or caused by direct sun, water, moisture or poor installationmethods are excluded.
  • Warranties are not transferrable and applies to the original user of the floor only.
  • The factory holds the right to inspect the floor and panels.
  • Please retain a copy of your invoice from your place of purchase for warranty purposes.

    Luxury Vinyl Tiles Warranty


Your carpet is an investment in comfort and style. To keep it looking good and lasting longer, proper care and attention is required for the installation and maintenance thereof. To get the most out of your carpet, and to keep the Belgotex™ guarantee and warranty in place, it is important to adhere to the following maintenance procedures (SANS 10245: The Maintenance of Textile Floor Coverings), as well as the care instructions in the Belgotex™ ‘Caring for your Stainproof Carpet Guide’.


• Colours may vary within a commercial tolerance from batch to batch. Do not install different dye batches together in the same installation.

• In the instance of a cut-pile product, the pile lying in different directions has varied effects on light reflection. New owners of this type of carpet should be aware that this is a desirable characteristic, sometimes called shading, and is by no means a defect.

• Irregular pattern repeats can occur. Pattern repeats are for assistance in viewing patterns in perspective, and they must be verified prior to installation. Carpeting is a textile material, and therefore subject to variations that are acceptable in the textile industry. These variations can sometimes create irregular pattern repeats. Installation should be done by professional carpet installers, with experience in the installation of patterned products. Even if the material is within manufacturing tolerances, all parties need to be aware that “standard” installation methods will not always bring patterns to an acceptable level for the client.

• Product specifications are based on averages from normal manufacturing tolerances. Such variations do not affect product performance.

• This product is UV stabilised for indoor use, as it is intended solely for use as an indoor floor covering. It is not recommended or sold for any other purpose unless otherwise stated.

• Pile pressure marks from the likes of storage, transport and furniture, fading from exposure to direct sunlight, and soiling are not manufacturing defects.

• Carpet protector mats are necessary where castor wheels are used.

• Carpets fitted on stairs must be protected with stair nosing. INSTALLATION Our floor coverings must be installed by a professional installer, in accordance with the code of practice for the installation of textile floor coverings (SANS 10186) and Belgotex installation instructions. For tufted carpets, Belgotex™ recommends Orange under cushion to enhance the appearance and durability of the carpet. This quality product provides extra comfort and acoustic benefits and is neutralised to improve indoor air quality wherever it is installed. Orange under cushion is sold separately. Green underlay is the environmentally-friendly option of Belgotex™ underlay. It is made from 100% recycled material, anti-allergenic and adds comfort and extended life to carpet. Green underlay is sold separately. MAINTENANCE OF YOUR CARPET

• Daily, or at the very least weekly vacuuming (in proportion to soiling) will remove dry soiling and dust, ensuring a clean and healthy environment. A clean carpet is a long-wearing carpet therefore you cannot vacuum too much. If using an upright vacuum cleaner with rotating beater brush and b care should be taken to set the brush height to skim lightly over the carpet pile, thus avoiding unnecessary abrasion (fuzzing). This type of vacuum system is not recommended for natural staple fibre products.

• Cleaning by a professional carpet cleaner is recommended to maintain your carpets appearance. Cleaning should be proportional to the amount of soiling to which the carpet is subjected.

• To prevent crushing of the carpet pile and eventual damage to the backing, place castor protectors under furniture.

• Rearranging furniture periodically will allow the pile to recover and will also change the traffic pattern in a room  ensuring that the carpet wears more evenly.

• Although the quality of carpet pigment has never been better, it is important to close blinds or shades when the carpet is in direct sunlight as prolonged exposure can cause colours to fade.

• To reduce soiling and wear in high traffic areas, place Belgotex™ recommended walk-off mats at all entrances. These should be cleaned and rotated regularly, this is your first step to maintaining your carpet. QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Belgotex™ Quality Management System is certified to SABS
ISO 900. Every carpet carries the SABS ISO 9001 logo as your assurance of quality and our commitment to maintaining the highest international standard. *FIVE YEAR MANUFACTURING GUARANTEE All our carpets are covered by the Belgotex™ 5-year warranty against patent and latent manufacturing defects. All claims will be treated in accordance with the South African Carpet Manufacturers Standard Claims Policy. However, carpets must be maintained and cleaned in accordance with the written instructions of (SANS 10245: The Maintenance of
Textile Floor Coverings) Belgotex™. Devaluation of 20% per annum will apply if material is being replaced is due to a manufacturing defect. **FIFTEEN YEAR LIMITED WEAR WARRANTY Belgotex™ tufted products are covered by the Belgotex™ 15-year limited wear warranty in terms of which all tufted products, provided they are installed and maintained according to Belgotex™ guidelines and assuming normal wear and tear according to the performance category of the particular product, will retain at least 90% of their pile fibre for 15 years from date of installation. This warranty does not cover manufacturing defects. Devaluation of 6.66% per annum will apply if material being replaced is due to a manufacturing defect. If dissatisfied with the performance of the carpet, please notify your retailer and permit Belgotex™ to examine and test the product. Subject to the above qualifications, exemptions and limitations, if the product has lost 10% or more of its pile fibre as a result of normal wear and tear, the affected area will be replaced in accordance with the South African Carpet Manufacturers Standard Claims Policy. TWENTY YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY (APPLICABLE RANGES ONLY) Belgotex™ provides a 20-year limited warranty against excessive fibre wear on this carpet. Only applicable when carpet is installed on Orange or Blue undercushion or Green underlay. Devaluation of 5% per annum will apply if material being replaced is due to a manufacturing defect. If dissatisfied with the performance of the carpet, please notify your retailer and permit Belgotex™ to examine and test the product. Subject to the above qualifications, exemptions and limitations, if the product has lost 10% or more of its pile fibre as a result of normal wear and tear, the affected area will be replaced in accordance with the South African Carpet Manufacturers Standard Claims Policy. NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY The 15 and 20 year warranties do not cover tears, cuts, burns, damage as a result of inappropriate use for the particular products, the application of inappropriate/unsuitable cleaning agents, poor or incorrect carpet maintenance procedures or failure to utilise protection under all roller castor applications, all of which invalidate the warranty and render it unenforceable.


Belgotex™ adheres to stringent quality control standards with regard to the manufacturing processes and the materials used. In the unlikely event of a manufacturing or material defect being discovered in your Belgotex™ carpet, your claim will be assessed according to the terms of the South African Carpet Manufacturers Standard Claims Policy, subject to a pro-rata devaluation of 20% per annum. The terms and conditions of this policy can be requested from your dealer, any Belgotex™ branch or viewed at www.belgotex.co.za AREA CLASSIFICATION Carpets are classified according to their suitability to various applications within the residential and commercial environment. As wear conditions can differ appreciably in similar specified areas depending mainly on occupancy and environmental conditions, it is advisable to obtain expert advice from your local carpet dealer or manufacturer before area suitability is finally decided upon.

HIGH SHEEN/LUSTRE The pile lying in different directions has varied effects on light reflection. This is a desirable characteristic called shading, and by no means a defect.


RANGES Belgotex™ reserves the right to change and update its carpet ranges at any time. Before designing your installation using any named carpet and its colour way, please contact your carpet dealer to ensure availability. CARPET CARE AND STAIN REMOVAL Belgotex™ cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur to carpets as a result of the incorrect application of maintenance and stain removal procedures. Consult the Belgotex™ “Caring for your Stainproof Carpet Guide” for details on cleaning methods.



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